Welcome to my Website!

Here you will learn why you should learn how to make a website.

First things first, why?

Websites are a wonderful way to show off your ideas and creativity. You can make different types of websites. You could make a website that promotes video games. You could make a website that promotes art. You can make a lot of diffrent ones. The best thing too about making a website is, You could make MONEY. You can produce money by letting other people view your website and use it. You could add a fee on your website that charges $5 to play one full day of games. All I can tell you is that the outcomes are endless. So go and start your website. Go and be creative. Make this website your successor

You can access your website on different devices (Look down here)

Heres some basic steps

  1. Make your website
  2. Go online and make it viral
  3. Make dolla dolla bills y'all